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This is a listing of all projects and sniplets for which i realease source-code. Except for the externals, the source is in the public git-repository. You can check out the complete repository using:

git clone
git submodules update --init

External Projects

  • wput commandline FTP upload tool
  • gmxsms GMX SMS Manager für Linux
  • Linux Bootscreen Project Mainly of historical interest including nice screenshots of a kernel-mod I once made for 2.4 to implement a cool bootscreen.

Projects in the Git

  • stundenplanprinter jython wrapping tool to create timetables based on a simple input format
  • pdfcut pdfcut is an extension to the pdfjam suite, allowing to split pdf-pages into two or more single pages. Thus it “cuts” the pages.
  • DVB Remote Key Editor is a tool that allows to edit several raw (binary) kernel modules of dvb-receivers to change key mappings for the remote
  • ASLR Bypass proof-of-concept demonstrates how a flaw in the use of linux’ random number generator allows to bypass ASLR protection
  • Arabic Dictionary Based on a sucky windows-dictionary, I wrote a simplist gtk app, that serves most dictionary purposes

Misc Sniplets