Embroidery-embedded sewable electronic circuits

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In this post I’m sharing my prototyping for integrating a LED + battery into an embroidery design, and wanted to get a little more elaborate than just using an adafruit sewable LED with an external battery. Ideally I wanted something that can be integrated in a T-shirt or at least a sweater. After reading about this topic during the last year, what caught my eye was a seemingly forgotten idea of building LED sequins using small silver beads from Buechley and Eisenberg in 2007. Read More...

Low-cost attacks on STM8 readout protection

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As part of my HC-12 hacking project I needed to acquire the firmware of an STM8 microcontroller that had readout protection enabled. I was long-time intrigued by fault-injection attacks, most recently triggered by this 35C3 Talk on PS2 Vita Hacking which used voltage glitching to overcome protection measures. From the STM8 reference manual: 4.5.1: Readout protection Readout protection is selected by programming the ROP option byte to 0xAA. When readout protection is enabled, reading or modifying the Flash program memory and DATA area [using the SWIM debug interface] is forbidden. Read More...

Rooting the Xiaomi STYJ02YM (viomi-v7) Vacuum Robot

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microUSB port Opening the battery case Update: For everyone coming here just looking for a way to root their Mijia STYJ02YM (viomi-v7) or Mijia STYTJ02YM (viomi-v8), please head to My motivation to get root access is to have a talking and blinking robot that can move through my flat and is independent of any cloud. Whatever your reasons, so far it’s not supported by dustcloud, although I already added support to python-miio which allows to remote control most functionality through a python cli. Read More...