Announcing Osmatravel

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Update: This project is obsolete now. Use the {{mapframe}} with PoiMap2 in Wikivoyage instead. Quite frequently I refer to WikitravelWikivoyage for information on places which are not covered by my guidebook, but a key-element that is pretty much always missing is: maps. Of course there is OpenStreetMap, but when I see a listing in a Wikitravel article, I also want to know where it is. So someone else came up with a great idea, based on two facts: Read More...

Building a color world map

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I’m trying to use the data of xkcd’s color survey to produce a kind of political map of color the HSV color world. This is getting way more complicated than I thought initially ;) Here is the initial plain world map of HVS color space (mapped 2D i.e. not including greyscale): 2d view of hsv colorspace Well, with this mapping comes a problem, best illustrated by this graph of the survey’s data density mapped into HSV space (the survey data is distributed just fine, but when mapping RGB to this crippled HSV, things get weird). Read More...

Processing, Clutter, Cairo

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Dein Browser versteht noch keine Videos. Du kannst es aber herunterladen. Wenn ich Lust hab, schreib ich ein ander mal noch mehr, wie das entstanden ist und warum Processing nichts taugt und warum Clutter und Cairo rocken 🙂