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Viomi Firmware Update Analysis

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After rooting the Viomi V2, the question arises whether it’s safe to perform a firmware update. So we look at the filesystem diff and some of the binaries. New in 3.5.3_0045 Looking at the diff comparing 0045 with the 0044 firmware, we see some minor changes to the base system. Looking at the changes in RobotApp we can infer changed features: new properties around lifetime of filter, brush or mop multimap management clean preferences management probably some improvements in area cleaning / navigation probably some work on dynamic obstacle detection (like doors) So performing the update to 0045 should be safe and preserve your root access. Read More...

Rooting the Xiaomi STYJ02YM (viomi-v7) Vacuum Robot

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microUSB port Opening the battery case Update: For everyone coming here just looking for a way to root their Mijia STYJ02YM (viomi-v7) or Mijia STYTJ02YM (viomi-v8), please head to My motivation to get root access is to have a talking and blinking robot that can move through my flat and is independent of any cloud. Whatever your reasons, so far it’s not supported by dustcloud, although I already added support to python-miio which allows to remote control most functionality through a python cli. Read More...

Programming the EPM240 devboard on Linux

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The supposedly simple task of programming a simple Altera CPLD took me a few days to resolve. Here’s what I learned. There’s no Open Source toolchain for Altera. So you must download the multi-GB Quartus Lite software. After installation, I followed the My First FPGA tutorial which mostly worked ok (apart from the ‘Megawizard Plug-in Manager’ thing). Pin mappings are of course different, but I found the schematic for the EPM240 minimal development board. Read More...