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Ryan air flight route map without silverlight

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Ryainair Flightmap JS-Version Screenshot Update (Nov 2014): The new version on their website doesn’t require silverlight anymore. I’ll not update the map again and probably turn it down completely at some point. I’m not sure why they made this stupid mistake of providing their map data in silverlight only. However, here is a javascript-only version of the ryan air flight map data based on Google maps, which I made quickly and will hopefully benefit others as well. Read More...

Onlinetickets der Deutschen Bahn (Teil 2)

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Ein paar Formatänderungen und viele neue Samples. Was hat sich seit dem letzten Mal getan? EC/Kreditkartennummern werden nun auch im Ticket mit *** maskiert (seit 02/2012). Ausnahme: Personalausweisnummern, die ja u.a. das Geburtsdatum enthält. Witziges Detail: Die EC-Kartennummer wird auf 2 Stellen am Ende maskiert: ******78, aber im 0080ID-Block stehen weiterhin die letzten 4 Ziffern im Klartext. Seit 04/2012 gibt es ein zusätzliches Feld mit maschinenlesbarer Trennung aus Vorname und Name. Read More...

Announcing Osmatravel

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Update: This project is obsolete now. Use the {{mapframe}} with PoiMap2 in Wikivoyage instead. Quite frequently I refer to WikitravelWikivoyage for information on places which are not covered by my guidebook, but a key-element that is pretty much always missing is: maps. Of course there is OpenStreetMap, but when I see a listing in a Wikitravel article, I also want to know where it is. So someone else came up with a great idea, based on two facts: Read More...

Dropbox Bytecode Decryption Tool

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Dropbox is actually just a python application, so it is shipping the bytecode of its modules which one could theoretically use in other applications. Also building a more lightweight dropbox-client, that does not come with its own interpreter, might be a goal. Apparently though, dropbox does not want this and makes it slightly harder to get to the bytecode. So here is a project I’ve been working on quite some time ago, which converts the encrypted python modules of dropbox to real python-2. Read More...

Protein Design

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In my efforts towards world domination, I discovered that the key technology to master is biology. In a recent seminar I had to dive quite deep into protein design trying to figure how it works and what the fundamental concepts of this bioinformatic technique are. So here are: the 5-page paper introducing protein design (1mb) and the accompanying slides which I hope provide some insight into this fantastic technique and its promises. Read More...


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